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Mattie Lorenssen I keep my Oscar next to my salt & pepper shakers.

18 September, 2017

What can make me feel this way? MY GIRLS! (MY GIRLS, MY GIRLS)

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2 September, 2017

It's Emmy day!!! I can't wait to see my #BigLittleLies ladies tonight!!!

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15 September, 2017

Reading reviews is a dangerous game. Just kidding, my boyfriend always makes this face.

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11 September, 2017

"There are cookies in this bag!" – @beafitzallan, promptly forgetting she bought cookies on our way home from the after-party last night.

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11 September, 2017

I'm the luckiest girl in all the world with this little lady on my arm. So happy to have you by my side last night, @beafitzallan!

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10 September, 2017

I can never resist a good polaroid. #PressReady

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9 September, 2017

Toronto, I'm coming for you. (This flooring belongs on r/oddlysatisfying.)

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7 September, 2017

Paris, je t'aime.

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6 September, 2017

Can it really be considered work when I'm stealing my costar's adoring wife? #SorryJavier #PenelopeIsMineNow

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5 September, 2017

Channeling my inner black widow in Venice. Tonight, the world meets @mothermovie and I couldn't be more chuffed.

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2 September, 2017

Goodbye, Fuerteventura. I'll miss you almost as much as I'll miss @beafitzallan.

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2 September, 2017

My new best friend lives in the sea.
📷: @beafitzallan

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31 August, 2017

There's nothing wrong with a little nap while playing tourist, especially when it's beside this beauty.

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29 August, 2017

Shh, don't interrupt her... @beafitzallan is communing with nature. Or the sunset. I think.

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28 August, 2017

I think I'll stay a while.
📷: @beafitzallan

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28 August, 2017

A twist on the wall portrait.
📷: @beafitzallan

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27 August, 2017

About last night. #WheresTheWine
📷: @beafitzallan

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27 August, 2017

Let the record show this picture was PERFECTLY framed... until we hit a wave. (Sorry, @beafitzallan.)

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